Matraz is the pseudonym adopted by Marta Azparren as an illustrator of everyday life and its estrangements. A Graduate in Fine Arts of Complutense University of Madrid, Azparren’s artistic activity encompasses video art, plastic arts, graphic design and Her works have been displayed in some of the most relevant festivals, fairs and exhibitions in the world.

Lately she has been signing as matraz drawings that are bursts of a decanted present, separated from the sediment to become pure, satiric and revulsive. Vignettes that are constructed as collages and try to rekindle in those who look at them a ludic sense, a sense of discovery, or better yet, of rediscovery.

Because these visual explosions burst from a game. From a live challenge hosted in this private blog. Every week, the author lets someone close to her randomly choose a news report and she turns it into a pictorial message, into a poetic capsule anchored to the current issues.

These illustrations, unpublished, are the children of the misgivings of the crisis, they move between the social and the political, portray the Olympic and colouristic revolution of the Pussy Riots, the contemporary martyrdom of a speared Edward Snowden, the censorship in time of Twitter, the technological revolution and its traces of agonising colossuses…

Iconic nips –sometimes heart-rending, sometimes tender- claiming personal universes that aspire to be shared.